I'm Not A Good Singer

Here at Helen Vereker Singers it doesn’t matter if you are not a good singer or if your singing is a bit rusty.


We understand that some people have not sung for many years, or perhaps you think that you are tone-deaf.  Some people are shy, or lack confidence.
Here we focus on the fun and the feel-good factor of singing.
When singing as a group, even if you feel you are not a good singer, you will find that your voice will blend with the other voices, producing a really good sound
You will be placed in a group that is suitable for your voice, and you will be helped along with your songs. No-one is ever singled out, and we don’t have soloists.
You are not expected to read music and learning material is provided for you.
You will find the group very friendly and welcoming. There is always laughter and banter between groups, especially in the Soprano corner!
To begin with, you may feel daunted by the amount of songs the group knows, and the different arrangements, but it won’t take long for you to get familiar with your songs and parts. You will then find your voice improves and your confidence grows.

With regards to performing, there is no obligation for you to join in with the performances, however, we do find that people eventually pluck up the courage to join in with the concerts, and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Singing Is Good For You

Why Sing?   Because it’s good for you!



Much research has been done on the physical benefits of singing:
It’s a great way of keeping in shape. It exercises the major muscle groups in the upper body. 
It is an aerobic exercise that enables more oxygen to be taken into your body, making you more alert, as well as exercising your heart and lungs
Singing also releases endorphins into your system which will leave you feeling good. 
It’s a great stress-buster, and you will also burn off a few calories too!
Scientists have recently discovered that singing also helps cure snoring?
With all these health benefits, is there any reason not to join in?